WJX Tattoo Cartridges Curved Magnum – Long Taper


WJX Cartridge Needles is patent design make the needles run extremely stable and smooth, have the Lowest Tin solder to avoid chemical process to ensure safety.
Special Rebound – there is four special elastics that lighten the pressure the needles bar
Medical Grade LG PC – made by PC polycarbonate, Polycarbonate is colorless, transparent, heat resistant,impact resistant.
Original Design – WJX patent cartridges design achieve better hitting skins performance

Membrane System

Package: 20pcs per box

Medical Grade LG PC
Original Design
Lowest Tin Solder
Cross Limiter

Membrane System

Package: 20pcs per box

Weight 0.20 kg

1007Bp RM-0.30mm, 1009Bp RM-0.30mm, 1011Bp RM-0.30mm, 1013Bp RM-0.30mm, 1015Bp RM-0.30mm, 1017Bp RM-0.30mm, 1021Bp RM-0.30mm, 1023Bp RM-0.30mm, 1025Bp RM-0.30mm, 1027Bp RM-0.30mm, 1205RM-0.35mm, 1207RM-0.35mm, 1209RM-0.35mm, 1211RM-0.35mm, 1213RM-0.35mm, 1215RM-0.35mm, 1217RM-0.35mm, 1219RM-0.35mm, 1221RM-0.35mm, 1223RM-0.35mm



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